Shia Effort

Always guaranteed a warm welcome in Ghana!

I am pleased to say that, apart from being woken at 6am by the church bells and somehow obtaining half a dozen mozzie and ant bites, I slept well. It’s just as well as today I am experiencing voluntourism and I think painting 3 buildings in the 35 degree heat of the day will require some stamina. We have breakfast of cold omelette, bread (which is a bit more sugary that at home) and a dairy lea triangle. Thankfully there is coffee to keep me functioning and numerous bags of water.

Madventurer have been working on renovating the Shia Technical College and it’s our job to paint the buildings just in time for a Yam festival this weekend. MAD built an extra classroom and office block this year and it needs a lick of paint before it’s ready. The Ghana education board insist on peach and terracotta – which actually looks better than it sounds. With rollers and paintbrushes a-plenty we have a very productive morning.

We break for lunch at midday and are delighted with the spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce that is served up. Although a little sluggish with our tummies full, we walk back to the school and the painting begins again. The children in the village are fascinated by our presence; we are definitely welcome and the villagers are all very friendly, greeting us and calling out “yevu” (meaning white person in the local language Ewe).  I’m looking forward to meeting more of the local people as the days go on.


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