Born Again?

At Uwawayaki - I'm just out of shot working my socks off...honest!!

I’ve had five full days in Tanzania now and, amongst other things, have woken to a jaw-dropping view of a snow-capped Kilimanjaro, reaquainted myself with the local staple of Ugali, cooked lunch with the Mamas at our Uwawayaki project site, navigated my way round Moshi in Swahili (well, just about!), bounced my head off the ceiling of a local minibus taxi (aka daladala), seen our corporate Kili trekkers off on their intrepid way, been offered a ride in a Fire Engine, watched a pile of tyres go up in smoke, made my first visit to Arusha and done it all whilst melting in heat around 30 degrees hotter than I left behind in the UK.

As far as first weeks go it’s been on the hectic side but the tingle of excitement that Africa has inspired on my five previous visits is back with a vengeance. So when a young roadside evangelist shouted to me ‘Are you born again my brother?’ he couldn’t have possibly known how close to the mark he was!!

Here’s hoping the next six months are every bit as inspiring, challenging, unexpected and overwhelming!!


One Comment

  1. Hi John

    This all sounds bloody amazing! Good to hear your adventures.

    We can’t wait to get out there with the teams for 2011, had a great response so far to the School projects.



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