The Wulugu Work Ethic – Part Two

A different type of typing teaching...

COCO has funded the purchase of six PC’s at Buipe and, during my recent visit, I was happy to see that at six are working and that the girls were using them. I talked to the class and they told me they were very happy to have computers because IT is so important to today’s job market in Ghana. Most of the girls want to be secretaries and are keen to learn to type so that they can ultimately find employment locally. 

I went on to see the girls in the next class, who were using typewriters, which despite advancements in technology are still an essential part of the secretarial course under the Ghanaian curriculum. The girls told me they much prefer using the computers but have to take turns because there are only six machines. We moved on to the weaving class where I was given a demonstration of how the wooden frames are used to spin the threads. It’s hard work, especially in the midday heat, but I was shown the end result – a beautifully woven sash which I am given as a gift!

Finally, I was taken to the dormitory to see where the girls sleep. I was met by neatly made bunk beds with all the girls’ belongings hanging from the bed frames; I was pleased to see that all of them have mosquito nets. I asked where they keep their food and the girls told me that each one of them has a box in their dormitory, locked up so that it is safe. Food shortages have resulted in heightened protection over supplies and it is clear that the unwillingness to share is more about survival than anything else. The catering teacher had prepared lunch and served up chicken, salad and rice, the amount is plentiful but I struggled to eat knowing that the girls have so little.


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