A Night at the Inn – Ghana Style!

Now if you leave the skeleton you'll just get it for breakfast...

After my visit to Buipe, I stay overnight in a local guest house and that evening, when hunger takes over around 7pm, I make my way to the restaurant. There is no one around but I can hear singing not too far off.  I call out, “hello” and a small Ghanaian lady appears from what must be the kitchen. Her English is not great but we greet each other with smiles and handshakes and I ask her if I might be able to get something to eat, she nods and retreats back into the kitchen. I’m unsure of whether I made sense as I go back to the room to fetch my book. A few minutes, just as I get back to the kitchen, the lady comes back and tells me “you wait in room I call you”. Seems to make sense so I return to my room and even manage to find a channel on TV which is not fuzzy, it’s a badly dubbed Italian soap opera but the acting is so bad I’m pretty hooked. An hour later, there’s a knock at the door and I am presented with a huge plate of Rice and Tilapia. I pay 7 Cedis for the meal with one extra for her trouble but she makes no move to leave. I ask if there is anything else she needs and she replies “I want to see you eat” a strange request but I oblige nodding my approval at the tasty dish, “delicious” I say and she nods with a huge grin and leaves me to tackle the rest in peace. I am glad she’s gone because I haven’t yet learnt to eat the African way, bones, heads et al and hope I don’t cause offence by leaving the skeleton!!!

Suddenly there is a loud rumble of thunder followed a few seconds later by a lightning bolt and then the rain comes. The noise on the iron sheet roof is incredible! I can’t even hear the badly dubbed Italian soap opera. Once it stops I go outside and see that the rain has brought the frogs and toads out in their masses – and they are huge! I venture out hunting for a good frog photo before calling it a night and heading to bed to be lulled into a sound sleep by the frog chorus of Buipe after a night to remember!


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